Locally Produced

  • Produced and processed on our family farm of preserved Lancaster County farmland.
  • It takes most of our milk less than 24 hours from cow to shelf, eliminating most of the time and energy used in the standard supply chain.

  • We have eliminated the middleman so that we can offer our products straight to the consumer, at a lower price.

Nationally Recognized

  • Pine View Dairy has won the Gold Award of Achievement from the National Dairy Quality Award (NDQA). The NDQA goes beyond milk quality by recognizing the overall health and welfare of the herd.

  • We participate in the National Dairy Farm Program, a voluntary organization created to hold dairy farmers to high standards. They inspect participating farms, looking for healthy cows, clean facilities, and good procedures. We have passed with flying colors!

  • We do not give our cows rBST, an artificial growth hormone. They grow up naturally with a healthy diet. Our cows, of course, do get sick occasionally and if needed, they may be treated with antibiotics. However, there are never any antibiotics in the milk sold in our store, as per federal law. Any cow on antibiotics is given time to recover and any milk she produces is kept separate so it can never enter the supply for human consumption. The best milk comes from healthy, happy cows!

Come watch the cows being milked!

Monday-Saturday  |  1:30pm-4:30pm

Mastering the fine art of using milk in a bag:

Step 1

Place Milk Bag In Pitcher

Step 2

Settle Firmly With Downward Motion

Step 3

Cut The Corner Of The Bag

Step 4

Pour And Reseal Folding Corner Of Bag Into Pitcher

Storing your milk:

– Keep it COLD.
Milk should be stored at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer the temperature you store your milk at
the shorter its shelf-life becomes.

– Keep it COVERED.
Milk is sensitive to light and odor. Prolonged exposure to light can alter the flavor of your milk, as can milk’s ability to easily absorb other odors in your fridge.

– Keep it CURRENT.
At Pine View Dairy, we guarantee that with proper storage your milk will be good for 7-10 days after you buy it. Milk can last longer than this, but we encourage you to buy your milk on a weekly basis to ensure its freshness. All of our milk is marked with a sell-by date.


Milk Prices

Creamline milk

  • $1.85 /half-gallon

Whole milk

  • $1.80 /half-gallon

Lowfat milk

  • $1.70 /half-gallon

Nonfat milk

  • $1.55 /half-gallon