Local Products

Half & Half


We use our own milk and cream, and that’s it! We don’t use any fillers, sweeteners, or oils! Looking for a bit more variety? Try our unsweetened caramel or vanilla half & half. They’re still just milk, cream, and flavoring. Shake well before use.

Heavy Cream


No fillers or additives. Our heavy cream is approximately 40% milkfat, which means rich, thick whipped cream every time!

Breakfast or Lunch on-the-go


  • Hot, freshly made egg sandwiches
  • Achenbach’s long johns
  • Bagels
  • Passenger Coffee
  • Cold-cut sandwiches made daily
  • Salads- green, macaroni, potato, broccoli, and more
  • Grape and cheese snack cups
  • Desserts- tarts, cakes, brownies, cookies, and more
Fresh Seasonal Produce

Products_Food_0571_editedWe offer produce grown on our farm. We’ve also teamed up with other local farmers to make sure the best produce is brought in fresh for our customers.

Ric’s Bread

This bakery in downtown Lancaster offers wholesome breads and muffins with no preservatives. You can pronounce every ingredient on their label!

The Stroopie Co

The Stroopie Co

Stroopies, the spiced waffle and caramel treat from the Netherlands, has been brought to Lancaster by a local family interested in improving refugees’ integration into our community. Most of their employees are recent refugees earning money, learning culture and language, and making friends. Grab a stroopie and let it warm over your mug for an amazing treat at any time of day!

Wendy Jo’s Homemade

Wendy Jo is the daughter of Pine View founders and her delicious pies, cookies, and bars are still sold at Pine View.

Prince Street Cafe

Prince Street Cafe

Once again we’re keeping it in the family! Crystal Weaver, one of the founders of Prince Street Cafe, is the daughter of the current Pine View owners. Our soups, baked oatmeal, and other desserts come from her kitchen.

Groff’s Candies

This family chocolate shop brings their wonderful chocolate covered pretzels as well as seasonal favorites- chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day, peanut butter eggs for Easter.

Passenger Coffee

Passenger Coffee

Locally roasted coffee from a brand dedicated to building sustainable coffee relationships from grower to consumer.